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Company name

Best choice Ltd

Ukraine, Kiyv, 7a Vossoedinenia prospect.
Mobile phone
Employees 26-50
Company manager Vitaliy
We produce forms for the preparing garden paths and sites for automobiles.
We’ve participated in several international exhibitions and in a short time our product have successfully entered the markets of Spain, Portugal, Finland, Russia and Belarus.
We offer very favorable conditions for distributors with the possibility of the sole distributorship.
Example: the retail form price (60×60) for example in Finland is 39.90 EUR per piece, and if distributor buy 4800 pcs (container) – wholesale price is 6.3 EUR per unit. (Container price is approximately 30000 EUR).

Our web-site is http://gardenpath.com.ua (You can see the video clip).
In Ukraine, our product is available in such supermarket lines like OBI, PRAKTIKER, (we have their recommendation letters in German and English), also NEW LINE, Leroy Merlin and EPICENTER.

We have our representative office in Spain: http://gardenpath.es/ (here you can find exhibitions photos).
Retail price is 26 EUR (here you can find exhibitions photos).
Finnish representative – http://www.vihervimma.fi/category/21/gardenpath
http://www.know-how-products.com/ retail price is 39.90 EUR.
Polish representative http://formgardenpath.com/, http://allegro.pl/show_item.php?item=3522521848 retail price is 35 EUR.
In Belarus and Russia retail price is 31 USD.

With Finland and Belarus, we have agreements about the sole distributorship. They buy 5000 units per month and have the full exclusive in the country.

Our forms allow to the end customer save money more than 600 %, because a footpath cost, which is made with our forms, more than 6 times cheaper than any paving slabs.

There is a similar product in Germany: http://www.amazon.de/dp/B000KHTXLU/?smid=A2Z5O0X6QD2ZXS&tag=idealode-aw3-21&linkCode=asn&creative=6742&camp=1638&creativeASIN=B000KHTXLU&ascsubtag=SKiq6Qa9-hnDnMvihxPGug
Our forms advantage is that the lower part of the form – is one plate (2 cm) and it seems that “stones” lie on it (4 cm), which can be reinforced and after that can safely bear a car. In German forms, they have it as paving stones – each stone separately – that’s why it’s only for pedestrians. Also, the price is higher. In Germany we already have two partners who are interested in the German network of OBI (355 hypermarkets in Germany), and has already bought the first party for the trial, one of them takes the sole distributorship.
Let’s consider his calculations in Germany: he buys a container – 4800 pcs (eg. forms 60×60) by price of 6.3 EUR per unit – it is 30 240 Euro. Customs clearance in Germany is about 20%, 30 240 EUR + 20% = 36 288 EUR + shipping costs (in Europe it’s about 1 EUR per 1 km of track ) – is 1500 Euro, the total sum with shipping and customs clearance is 37,788 EUR per container. Divide this amount by the pieces quantity in the container 37 788 : 4 800 = 7.87 EUR price one form already in the country with delivery and customs clearance. Sells retail via private distribution channels such, for example by 40 EUR per unit, it’s 4800 x 40 = 192 000 EUR minus his expenses 37 788 = 154 212 EUR earned with only one party if it is retail, and imagine, if he takes the sole distributorship on the country and without any competition earns such money per month! If you do not want to “bother” with retailers, you can find 10 wholesalers who can buy 480 pieces, put them to the wholesale price, for example 15 EUR x 4800 = 72 000 minus spent 37 788 = 34 212 EUR per container. We think at wholesales it’s also not bad money.

Price for the 40ft container FOB – Odessa port:

Border (4080 units) 10,37 USD per unit.

Form 60х60 (3040 units) 8,5 USD per unit.

Form 80х80 (1680 units) 10,9 USD per unit.

Please find enclosed photos and files for more information about their products.

Also video link about using this form from one client:

From our spain representative: